Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Orders

Has my order gone through? 

We’ll send you an order confirmation email if the order has been placed. If the email still hasn’t come through after you’ve checked your junk folder and refreshed your inbox, please email Customer Support at

How long will my order take to arrive?  

For Standard shipping, please allow 7-10 business days once your order has been printed. For Priority shipping, please allow 2-3 business days. Rush shipping is overnight.

Once your order has been printed and shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information.  

Delivery time does depend on current production levels, seasonal variances, and shipping services. 

Please note that your order might come in separate parcels if it is a large order, or if it includes multiple product types.

Why hasn’t my order arrived? 

If your order hasn’t arrived after 14 working days, please email our friendly team at and we will assist you as soon as we can.  

Can my delivery order be expedited or changed to pickup? 

Please note that delivery orders cannot be expedited or changed from delivery to pickup. 

Can I cancel my delivery order?  

Please contact Support within two hours of placing the order. If your order has already been printed and shipped, we cannot cancel your order. 

Can I change the delivery address on my order? 

Please contact Support and provide the new address within two hours of placing the order. We recommend double-checking the delivery address before you submit your order. 

What if my order was damaged during shipping? 

Please email Support and provide photos of the damaged products. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

What is your returns policy? 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns. If an item arrives damaged or faulty, please email photos of what you received to our support team and we may replace your item at our discretion. 

What is your refund policy? 

Refunds are issued at our discretion. Please contact Support with your order details. 

Pickup Orders  

Has my order gone through?  

We’ll send you an order confirmation if the order has been placed.  

You’ll receive a second email when your order is ready to be picked up. Most orders are ready to be collected in one hour. If the store’s print queue is busy, or you have ordered specialty items, the wait time may be longer. 

Please check your junk folder and refresh your inbox if you haven’t received an email. If you still can’t find your email, please contact Support at

Can I cancel my pickup order?  

Please contact the store directly to cancel your pickup order. Your order confirmation includes the store’s contact information. 

Can my order be changed from pickup to delivery? 

To change your order to delivery, please place a new order and select Delivery.

Can I pick up my order another day? 

Please contact the store directly and request that they keep your prints aside for you, specifying a collection date. If they are not collected, stores usually dispose of prints after a week, subject to store policies. 

What if the store’s printer is broken? 

Please email Support. You may give us the address to an alternate store near you and we’ll have your print order transferred. 

What if the pickup store doesn’t have my order? 

Please check again with the store and supply your full name, as orders are usually stored by last name. We recommend double checking the name on your order confirmation. 

Please contact Support if your order still hasn’t been found. 

How do I get a refund? 

Pickup orders are paid for in-store when you collect your prints, so please contact the store if you need a refund. 

Can I make a collage? 

Can I print in black and white? 

Can I add text to my photos? 

We do not currently have this feature. You are welcome to use a photo editor to create a collage, add text, or change your photos to black and white. You can then upload the final images to our app for printing. 

Why has my photo print been cropped? 

You can preview and crop, center, rotate, and zoom your images when you select print size and quantity. For canvas prints the preview shows where the image will be wrapped. We recommend that you always double-check the image preview before submitting an order. 

Why is my photo print blurry? 

If your image is small, it may have to be stretched to fit the print size you have ordered. We recommend that you submit high quality images with high resolution, especially when ordering large prints. Screenshots, photos of photos, and images that have been sent to you via email or other messaging services may not have high resolution. We suggest checking the image preview before submitting your order. 

Why is my photo print dark? 

Photo prints will always look slightly different from the photos on your screen. This is because of the way colors appear on screens. 

App Issues 

What can I do if the app isn’t running properly? 

Sometimes the simplest answers are best. Try the following: 

Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the app. 

Delete the app, restart your phone, and reinstall the app. 

Make sure your phone software is up to date. 

The app’s performance and photo upload speed are heavily dependent on your internet connection. Check that you have a strong internet connection and try again. 

Try reducing the number of pictures you are uploading to optimize performance. For example, try uploading 2 or 3 pictures and see if you are still having issues. 

The app relies on device memory for optimal upload speed and uploading multiple pictures. Make sure you have enough free memory on your device. 

Using Coupons

How do I use a coupon code? 

There is a section on the order summary page that says “I have a coupon” or “Coupon code”. If you enter a valid coupon the discount will be applied to your cart. 

Why didn’t my coupon work? 

Please make sure you’ve entered the coupon code correctly and have ordered the relevant print size and quantity for that coupon. 

What if I forgot to add my coupon? 

We are unable to apply coupons to submitted orders. We suggest placing a new order to receive the discount. 

General Queries 

Do you have this product? 

Please check the app or website for all available products. Please note that some items are available for delivery only. 

Do you have matte prints? 

We often have both matte and glossy prints available. You may need to select Home Delivery so that the matte options show up on the product list. 

Can I change my order? 

We cannot change orders once they have been placed. However, you can place a new order.